Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yay for indoor play

I took Will to a local bounce place called Events at Sherlake - they have open/free play for little kids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Thank you Lord! Two hours of full-on, wild-man play. Now he's like a zombie. No more whining and crying about everything. I think we'll have to start doing something every day to get out of the house, just to wear him out.

He had a blast - sliding down the slide, climbing the rock walls, jumping and running like crazy.

It was a great time minus the little kid I almost had to kill. We were going up the great big slide together - Will wanted me to come with him, we'd just gotten there and he was a little slow to warm up. So we're climbing the steps on the huge inflatable slide with this little red-headed twerp climbing 1/2 an inch behind me. I'm carrying Will and this kid knocks me off balance and I fall and fall and fall. Probably about 10 feet - not a free fall, of course, but a decent tumble. I wanted to kill the kid.

He ended up pushing past Will and I while I'm trying to get back to my feet. I told the kid "watch what you're doing, you made me fall. You need to learn to wait your turn." His mother saw the whole thing and never said a word.

I tell you what, if MY KID caused a pregnant woman to fall and drop her child, I would have killed him myself. GRR

But, other than that, we had a blast. This is the place where I want to have Will's birthday party next month. I think he'll have a great time with all his friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear ya! Last time I had Emma at a place like this I was going down with her on the big slide and had Abby in my arms (this was months ago so she was little) and these two boys came zooming down the slide before we could get moved and totally crashed into Abby and I and I got all over them. Their mom was no where to be found! I wanted to beat them myself!

Michaela said...

Some kids are just so inconsiderate. Obviously their parents never taught them manners.

That place near you is fun - we'll have to go w/ the kids while I'm home for Thanksgiving.