Friday, November 7, 2008

He gets me every time

Today was a L.O.N.G. and challenging day.

No nap for Will, which makes for a long day. We're both sick and it's raining outside - which means we were cooped up all day long. Totally stir crazy. Will was totally pushing my buttons most of the day and especially tonight. I was working desperately to get him to bed early (succeeded 7:28 - a record these days) and he was working against me and defying me as much as possible.

I was ready to throw him out the window or sell him on eBay. "JUST GET IN BED ALREADY!!!" I finally got him into the bed and under the covers with the lights out. He asked me to let Dixie sleep with him. So I went and got her and her bed and brought her to his room. I put down her bed and she laid down in his room. He reminded me that "Dixie keeps me safe". I agreed and my hardened heart softened a bit. (He doesn't realize I'll let her out in about 30 minutes and take her bed back to my room, but that's okay.)

So, I'm tucking him in and kissing him good night. Thanking my lucky stars that today as a mom is seconds away from being done. He asks me to hand him the picture on his nightstand. It's a framed picture of him and his daddy. I hand it to him. He asks to talk to God about daddy while he's holding the picture. So I say our nightly prayer in small phrases so he can repeat it.

Dear God
Keep my daddy safe
Bring him back home to me

Suddenly all is right with the world again. Now I remember why I am a mother. Thank you for the reminder.

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Anonymous said...

That's how it goes. You can have the hardest of days and then they do the smallest of things and it melts your heart and all the frustration of the day is washed away. Emma does that to me all the time.