Sunday, November 16, 2008

22 weeks

Seriously, the days are flying by so quickly. I'm going to be holding my own sweet baby in my arms before I know it. Only 16-17 weeks to go. That's about the only blessed thing about diabetes - I'll be induced before my due date if I don't go on my own.

This little guy has been kicking up a storm and getting stronger by the day. A couple of times he's kicked so hard he has startled me. I had Will put his hand on my tummy today and I held it down tightly had had him sit still. He said he felt the baby kick, but you never now. He was thrilled to death at the idea. Now he keeps asking me to wake the baby up so he can feel him again. lol

And while we're nearly 3 weeks away from Todd returning, it does feel like we're in the downward slide. Will and I leave for Atlanta in 9 days. So we basically just have to survive this week. And when we get back from Atlanta, Todd will be home within 48 hours - give or take.

And then holy cow, it'll be the holidays and another 3 weeks will zoom by. And then wouldn't you know, we'll be only 8-9 weeks from meeting this blessed baby.

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