Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My poor husband

Todd emailed me today and I must have skimmed it because I completely read it wrong. Then he called me. He's no longer in the -stan, at least for now. Due to weather conditions, they had to divert their jet and land somewhere else. The next nearest base was a 4 hour flight away, so off they went.

Now he and his crew are in a new country - and the climate is a bit different. It's very, very hot where he is. And he's there with no wallet, no change of clothes, no toiletries and heavy winter gear. Poor Todd. He says he's sweating to death and sleeping in a tent. He doesn't have any money on him to buy a change of clothes or toiletries. So he's stuck in the desert in a winter weight flight suit, long underwear, snow boots and a knit hat. And oh by the way, he has to wear his hat while outside, too.

I'm melting! Melting!!

Hopefully they'll be heading back to their "home base" pretty soon. I know he wants some clean underwear and a shower.

On the upside, he says the flying has been amazing. He was able to give me enough info for me to know where he was, where he'd been flying, what he'd been refueling and where he had to fly through to get to where he was. Pretty interesting stuff. He says in spite of the hardships, he's having the time of his life - because he's actually out there "doing it", supporting the war. it makes me a bit more nervous about what's going on, but I'm confident that he's safe.

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