Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Readjusting the focus of Christmas

While gifts and food are a ton of fun, it's not what Christmas is about. This year I'm ready to turn the focus back to the real reason for Christmas.

Obviously food and baking aren't a priority of mine anymore - food is fuel for living, not enjoying. (UG) At least now I don't have to obsess about holiday baking anymore. I'll leave the fab desserts and treats to my sister in law, Melissa, and just enjoy a taste and not worry about the rest of it. ;)

And I've gotten so tired of the hassle that all the hoopla about gifts has become. We're taking Christmas low key and we slashed our gift budget. Since the budget is smaller and lists are shorter, I am ALMOST completely finished with shopping. And the best part is, 95% of it was done online. I have gone to the store and purchased one - count 'em - one gift. Yep. Christmas is being delivered to my doorstep thanks to the UPS man. LOL

Anyway, now that food and gifts aren't a spectacle anymore, it's time to focus on the real reason for Christmas, the true gift. The gift that God gave us - his only son. I'm looking forward to getting a nativity set this year and teaching Will the Christmas story.

I want to get an Advent wreath and candles. I found a great website with suggested readings for the individual candles.

And I cannot wait to spend the Christmas season again in our church - esp. now that we are members. The Christmas Eve service last year was awesome and I can't wait to go again.

I want to give more this Christmas. I want to participate again in Operation Christmas Child and this year get Will involved. We packed a box last year for a little boy Will's age, but he didn't understand or really help.

I'm looking forward to the One to One Christmas Store at our church again this year. Last year we purchased a bike and helmet to donate to the church.

And of course, we'll pick a child off the tree at the mall and purchase a few gifts there, too.

Thankfully, in these difficult financial times, we've fared well. We are very blessed to have the things we do, the warm home, wonderful family and ability to provide for our child(ren).

Too many presents, parties and too much food have bogged down the holidays in the past. So, this year, it'll be about what's really important this - Christ, family and giving. I hope everyone else can do the same.

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