Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Would you believe me?

If I told you that not only are my Christmas cards addressed and ready, but all my gifts are wrapped, too?

True story, I'll swear it on a stack of bibles.

While Will was at school today (hooray!!) I dug out his birthday and Christmas presents from their hiding places all over the house. And I wrapped all of them - minus Santa gifts, of course. Who ever heard of Santa wrapping presents?

I still have shopping to do for several family members and I have several gifts already on order for people that have not yet arrived (God bless Amazon.com), but everything in the house is wrapped.

And a few days ago I opened up my address spreadsheet and addressed and stuffed all my envelopes for my Christmas cards. I just need to get stamps and mail them when it's time.

I am not usually that ambitious, but Iwant the work part of Christmas to be out of the way before Todd returns. I want to be able to enjoy December after he's home.

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