Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today is day 1 of operation scrub the house

I've got 4 days at home to get the whole house cleaned/scrubbed and ready to go before Todd comes home. Since we'll be gone for 9 days after that, the house will still be clean when we all get back.

So far today, I've:

Emptied the fridge and scrubbed the shelves down
Cleaned my bathtub - including running soap/bleach through the jets
Scrubbed down the stove, countertops and cabinets in the kitchen
Ran 2 loads of dishes - yep, I was a bit behind
Scrubbed all 3 toilet bowls
Wiped down the doors, window sills and cabinets in our bathroom and bedroom with a magic eraser

Next on the list today - tackle the wood floors and all mirrors/important glass (important glass is the fireplace, side lights and french doors) and dust the office.

Still lots more to do after today, too.

Sweep/mop/scrub all tile floors - kitchen, laundry room and 2 upstairs bathrooms
Clean/dust all the ceiling fans and blinds in the house
Dust the bedrooms and family room
Scrub Will's tub and sinks
Clean out from under the sink in my bathroom
Clean out the cars - gah, if Todd saw the inside of his car, he'd divorce me right now. I'll empty it and vacuum it out.
Finish wrapping Christmas presents and getting them all put away in the nursery closet
Stuff and return address the Christmas cards so they're ready to go after Thanksgiving.

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