Sunday, November 23, 2008

A current list of annoyances

I think I'm just in a foul mood. I can't lie, the sound of a basketball hitting the pavement makes me want to pull my hair out. I just cannot stand the relentless thump-thump-thump.

What is it about toddlers that causes them to undo whatever you just finished doing? Like putting sticky finger prints right on the freshly polished table. Or yanking the shirt off the hanger that you just hung up. Yanking town hand towels from the oven handle right after I've picked them back up from the floor. Knocking the tub toys back into the tub.

I stopped at CVS earlier today to pick up some tape so I could finish unwrapping my presents. I had to wait in the parking lot for 3 minutes while an entire family unloaded from a car blocking the lot - a woman, an elderly woman, 2 small children. Then the car pulled 3 feet forward and into the spot right by the door. I wanted to scream.

Patience is a virtue. Mine is running a bit low today.

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