Monday, November 24, 2008

We are getting out of here

Oh my goodness.....I cannot wait until tomorrow.

Believe it or not, my house is dang near spotless. And by spotless, I mean SPOTLESS.

Floors - scrubbed
Appliances - cleaned
Blinds - dusted/washed
Doors/trim/light switches - washed
Wood floors and furniture - polished
Ceiling fan blades - dusted
Working parts of whirlpool tub - bleached
Christmas presents - wrapped and put away


Now we're ready. :) I'm 1/2 packed tonight and I've made a list of errands I need to run tomorrow before we leave. Will has school and we'll leave shortly after that. 8 nights at my parents house. Lord, I hope they're ready for us.

We'll be down for Thanksgiving and a baby sprinkle. That's a low-key baby shower for those not in the know. Just a little sumthin' sumthin' w/ a few friends and family to celebrate baby boy number two.

And just think.......when we get home we'll have less than 48 hours until daddy returns. Heck, maybe about 44 hours.

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