Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fluffy goodness

Somewhere in a cold, snowy, mountain covered country in the Middle East, my husband twitched in his sleep and he doesn't know why. He'll probably wake in his bed in butt-crack-istan this morning and say "oh no, she's done it again" and not even know what, but he'll feel it.

I love diapers. A lot. Adorable, fluffy, organic cottony goodness. I've kept my love and obsession under wraps for quite a long time. I bought all of Will's diapers almost 2 years ago and I've refrained from ordering all sorts of cuteness since.

Well, when it comes down to it, this little man's bottom is going to be bare and ready to be covered in less than 4 months. And sometimes, when it comes to diapers, it can take a while to find and order what you want. And so, my search to cover my baby's soon to be naked bottom began.

I discovered a few things last night - 1, I'm going to be totally addicted to custom fitteds and will have to stalk all things hyena cart and Etsy and 2, I discovered that www.nickisdiapers.com lets you create a registry. A registry for diapers? Oh........I'm sold.

I placed an order for 6 custom fitteds from Muttigan Babies, a WAHM who has come highly recommended to me by friends. I've selected some ADORABLE fabrics and she'll be getting to making my diapers soon.

I also contacted the owner of Apple Bottom Babies, another WAHM, - who you can find at iCrave (run by my friend, Teresa - and can be found in a link on the right side of this page) about getting on her upcoming list for customs. She's added my name for after the first of the year.

Then I cruised to Nicki's Diapers - a favorite place of mine that sells all sorts of commerical diaper goodness. I picked up a couple of diaper covers and newborn fitteds from there along with a couple pairs of Baby Legs. And I accidentally discovered that they have a registry when I accidentally clicked "add to my wish list" instead of "order". So, while Will's at school today, I'll be working on a wish list. I know at least 1-2 people who would gift from there before anywhere else. Hint Hint. Just in time for our little sprinkle/get together in 2 weeks.

This baby boy is going to have the cutest tush!


MelissaG said...

Yeah, yeah...you let me know if you register!!

Michaela said...

I did. :) I threw a few things on there - why not??