Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hooking everyone up

I've had a few complaints from family and friends that they couldn't post comments to my blogs, so I did a little detective work.

A-ha! There was a button that needed to be clicked - now non-registered family and friends can post comments to my blogs. :) Just make sure you sign them because they'll be posted as "anonymous" and I won't know who it was. :)


Anonymous said...

I noticed on Bekki's site I could leave a comment, but not yours. I meant to tell you about it the other day so you could check it out and I forgot.

Michaela said...

Yep - we're squared away now. :)

Anonymous said...

Dad and I check out your blog now... we honestly didn't recognize you! Wow! Send more photos, OK? Looks nice!

Glad about the furniture... fun, fun, fun.

Sorry about the colds... you can't even take anything strong... phooey.

Also glad that we can send you a note!