Sunday, November 16, 2008

Right place at the right time

I've been pondering the car seat situation lately. I've actually been stressing over it and fretting. We need new car seats.

This little guy will likely be like his older brother and outgrow the infant carrier quickly. So, in theory, he'll need a convertible car seat for him by July or so. That's only 8 months from now. Will's NOT anywhere NEAR being ready for a cheapy booster. He NEEDS to be in a 5 point harness.

I've been reading reviews and kicking myself, thinking we should have bought the Britax seats I originally wanted. Remember them? $279 each, but they go up to 65 lbs. and they're the number one rated carseat on the market.

I've been reading reviews and trying to figure out what to do because Baby #2 is going to need Will's carseats soon and Will is going to need new car seats for each car. To get a good booster style seat with a 5 point harness, it's going to cost about $200 per seat. And of course, we need two - one for the Acura and one for the Honda. With the long term eventuality that the baby will need 2 more, in case Will's still not big enough yet (he's only gained 4-5 lbs in the last 11 months), we're looking at needing to eventually buy 4 new carseats.

Holy cow, talk about an investment. And with something as important as a car seat, I'd NEVER cut corners and get a cheapie one. Their safety is my number one concern - as is any mother.

So, my friend Smitha hooked me up. She passed on the word - is having a wicked sale. Britax is releasing the new prints shortly and clearancing out a couple colors/prints for the Marathon. They're also offering free shipping - which is a great deal on a big ol' box for a car seat.

So, as I'm looking at the Target site and thinking. Man, I really have to suck it up and get 4 new carseats before this is said and done.

Then I remembered that by ordering the Land of Nod bookcase for Will's bedroom that coordinates (and actually matches perfectly) instead of the bookcase that came with the bedroom set, I saved us $200. Now, how can I make $200 work to my advantage towards getting new car seats for the boys.

Well, the sun shines on a dog's ass every now and again.

I'm not sure if you can open the link or not, or the sale could be expired by the time you see this, but here it is.

I took care of both boys for the rest of the time they'll need ANY sort of carseat or booster - probably until they're 7 years old or older.

I bought FOUR - COUNT 'EM, FOUR - Britax Marathons for $42.99 each, plus FREE shipping. I got ALL FOUR carseats for LESS than the difference in the 2 bookcases. They are delivering 4 Marathons to me for $190, including tax.

That's practically 4 free carseats. I saved 85% - the 4 seats retail combined at over $1,100.

I can sleep well at night knowing my boys will be as safe as possible for as long as possible and when it came down to it, by choosing a different bookcase, I got them the best car seats available for free.

Not even the Grocery Game feels that good. ha ha ha

So, to my dear friend, Smitha, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You've saved the day - yet again.

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Ashley said...

You will love the marathons!! I totally love ours. I have nothing but good things to say about Britax seats, they are awesome! Phoebe is acutally using it now and we got this seat for D.

I wish I would have caught the sale because I would have bought a seat too. It can't hurt to have a spare.