Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another day done

Today started off not so well. Will woke in a FOUL mood. He cried because he wanted to go down stairs, he cried because he didn't want to go down stairs, because he wanted milk, because he didn't want milk. Because he didn't want to watch that. Or that. Or that, either. (Get the idea?)

And then I committed the horror of all horrors. I changed a poopy diaper. You would have thought the world had ended. And then, God forbid, I made oatmeal for breakfast. He sat under the dining room table and screamed and cried for about 20 minutes. If I wasn't so angry, it would have broken my heart.

And then we cried and cried because he couldn't wear PJ's to school.

Oh, sweet blessed preschool, how I love thee. Five hours of tantrum free bliss. I managed to run a ton of errands and even have lunch with a friend. conversation and no crying.

After school, I bit the bullet and we went to Will's doctor for his flu shot. I was scared out of my pants that another meltdown would occur. Wouldn't you know it, my child was back and cried for all of about 3 seconds when he got the shot. And he hasn't complained about it since.

He even played nicely while I cleaned his room this afternoon. His furniture is being delivered tomorrow morning, so I wanted everything put away and the floors vacuumed. And he ate a decent dinner and went to bed with minimal fuss.

Hopefully tomorrow morning won't dawn like this morning did.

Good news - his furniture will be delivered between 7 and 11 tomorrow morning. :)

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps he thought all his whining caused him to get a shot so he quit?? hehe : )