Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now I remember why

When we were growing up my mom used to fight us tooth and nail about staying home sick from school. Now I know why. It really throws a wrench in your day when you've got a sick, whiny kid at home with you when you planned on them being gone all day.

So much for my dentist appointment and errand running.

Poor Will's got a cold - and he's done a great job of giving it to me, as well. So today is hopefully going to be a snuggle on the couch together kind of day.

His nose has been running for a few days, but last night he lost his voice and started coughing. He didn't sleep well, waking several times between 10 and 11. I finally let him come and get in bed with me. About 12:30 I took him back to his room because his snoring was keeping me awake. lol

Hopefully the cold medicine will kick in shortly and we'll both feel better.

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Anonymous said...

I hope little man feels better soon!!