Thursday, January 1, 2009

It is a New Year

It's the morning of January first. For the first time in my adult life, I didn't even stay up to ring in the New Year. Actually, I think I snored in the new year. Hey, I'm 7 months pregnant, what am I supposed to do? :)

It's funny how this time of year causes us to buckle down and get serious about goals. I try not to make actual resolutions - because if you call it a new year's resolution, you'll just fail at it or toss it to the wayside. So Todd and I have agreed to accomplish a few goals for the winter.

We've been slacking on our budget the last month or two (okay, it's mostly my fault), so it's time to get out our envelopes and put the cash back in them and take the check cards back out of our wallets. I'm actually looking forward to this. And since I have a love of spending money, you know that says something.
We've both been slacking on our diets - thanks to the holidays. Fortunately (or actually, unfortunately) for me, I still follow the diabetic portion of my diet - obviously. But neither one of us has been eating all that healthy. Even Will's been lacking veggies in his diet. So it's back to making sure we're eating much more healthy than we have been.
And this house......GAH! Got to, got to, got to get it in order before the baby arrives. There is just too much stuff in this house right now. I want to go on a rampage and throw a bunch of stuff away. The holidays always end up making me feel clausterphobic with so much stuff in the house. I'm always anxious to rip down the decorations, hide away the new gifts and purge things to make room for the new.
So there you have it. My lack of resolutions has boiled down to:
Eating healthy/exercising
Get organzied
Save money
So much for lack of resolutions. Yep, I'm just like everyone else. ha ha

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Melissa said...

Hmmm, did you not post this one on the 1st? I've looked the last few days and nothing new was there until today...I think I looked yesterday.