Friday, January 30, 2009

32 week appointment and a shocking comparison

I had an appointment at the doctor's office. It was the first of my weekly appointments with biophysical profiles and non stress tests. So, here are the stats:

On me:

I gained 4 lbs in one week - wow, that's more than I've gained total. But now that it's been a few days, my home scale is showing that as a fluke - I'm still up only 2 lbs total. I'll gladly take that knowing it means the weightloss after this baby is born is already jump started.

My blood pressure was good - much better this week - 100/55, I think? I can't remember, now.

No protein or sugar in my urine, so that's all good.

Next we did the ultrasound and non stress tests on the baby. Here's some info on what they're looking for in the baby by doing these tests. He did everything he was supposed to do - fluid looked good, his heart rate was great and we got to see him practice his respiration. He ended up scoring a 10/10. So that's great - means he's doing well in there.

Brooke estimated his weight (and she's really good, so I know she's pretty much right on) at 4 lbs 8 oz. So he's growing well - up to the 68% for fetal weight at 32 weeks.

My parents came to the ultrasound with me since they were in town and Will was at school. My mom is completely incapable of seeing anything on an ultrasound. She reminds me of Rachel on Friends when she has her first ultrasound.

But, it worked out to our advantage. Brooke switched the ultrasound machine to 4D so that mom could see the baby and identify him. He is SO cute and chubby. He looks so much like his big brother. I really think he's going to look just like Will when he's born.

Here's the best news of all - he's HEAD DOWN!! Woo hoo!! Now I can stop stressing about needing a c-section. Brooke assured me that the chances he'll turn again are slim to none.
He's such an active little baby. He's moving all the time - kicking, punching, squirming. Just having a 24/7 party in there. Yesterday morning Todd and I were laying in bed and he had his hands on my belly. He started laughing and said "I swear that kid is trying to play the bongos in there". It sure felt like it.

Up top there are pictures of the baby this week and Will at a day old - you tell me if they look alike.

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Melissa said...

YEA!!! I'm so glad to hear that he turned and everything is looking good. And yes, they look amazingly similar. Can't wait to see the photos when he arrives!