Saturday, January 24, 2009

Three days down

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am. Will is doing great with the potty training business - as long as we're at home. When I took him to school on Thursday and church on Friday, he didn't do as well - doesn't want to use the potty there. But at home, man he's on it. I don't even have to remind him or ask him to sit on the potty. He just does.
Yesterday I was in the office printing out something I need for a return on an item. He comes running into the office. "Mommy, I pooped!" Uh oh, I wasn't watching him - what'd he do? Where'd he do it? It was in his potty. He'd stopped playing, got up, went to his potty, pooped and pulled his pants back up. Granted, I still had to pull his drawers back down and help him wipe, but I'm not complaining.
Once we were home yesterday at noon - he was accident free all day. So far today he's been accident free for the 3 hours he's been up.
I can't believe how lucky we're getting with this. Maybe he WILL be potty trained by the time his brother arrives. woo hoo!

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