Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tomorrow is going to be a big day

We have worked on potty training off and on for a little while. Any time we'd put him on the potty, he'd pee pee on command. And we've even had several pooping successes. Will didn't get the whole "I shouldn't pee in my underwear between times mom puts me on the potty", but I think that was the last piece to the puzzle.
But ever since Todd left to go overseas at the end of October, Will has pretty much refused any and all efforts to use the potty. To the point where he won't even sit on the toilet anymore. Todd and I are both getting very, very frustrated.
So today I made a decision. Tomorrow is underwear day. No leaving the house, no diapers, no going back. He's 3 years and over a month. It's time to use the potty. We went to Babies R Us tonight and picked up a new potty chair. Since he's decided he won't sit on the toilet w/ the potty seat on it, we're trying the chair. I told him we were going to wear underwear from the minute we got up until it was bathtime. I don't care how many accidents it takes tomorrow, we're pressing forward.
Please, wish us luck. I suspect we're going to need it.

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Melissa said...

Good luck! We wore sweatpants a lot while we were still having accidents to help keep as much of it off the floor as possible!