Monday, January 26, 2009

32 weeks pregnant - thoughts on a breech baby and our hospital stay

I'm officially 8 months pregnant. Holy cow! As far as I can tell, this little man still has his head jammed into my lungs. It's funny how when you're pregnant, you pick certain things to dwell on and worry about. Having a breech baby and ending up with a c-section has never crossed my mind - not even once. I think about things like premature labor, placenta previa and placental abruptions. I always worry about those sorts of things. But the baby being breech and not even laboring on my own? Never occurred to me. Of course, being diabetic and on insulin never entered my mind with Will's pregnancy.
I've been doing some reading on baby spinning and on external versions by the OB. I'm trying not to panic. Must not freak out, right?
I maintain that I will not freak out about this baby not turning until the little digital baby on the right side of the page turns and the real baby doesn't. As long as the spinning baby on the screen is head up, I'm okay. But when he turns, I'll officially flip out.
I'm working on my list of questions for the doctor for this week's appt - the first ones will obviously center around the baby being breech, a version and the possibility of a c-section. After that, I've got lots more questions.
I need to get pre-registered at the hospital. Supposedly they'll still have us on file, but I'll likely have to reregister, since my insurance isn't the same. Must get this done - I don't want to go to the ER if/when I go into labor. I want to go to labor and delivery.
I need to look into a sibling class for Will - I'd really like to get him a tour of the hospital and learn a bit about what to expect when his brother is born. I hope they offer this.
I would like to sit down with the lactation consultants before this baby is born. I'm filled with questions. I worry that with my diabetes, this baby will need to be supplemented in the hospital, like Will was. I really want to maximize my chances of nursing this baby without having to supplement with formula. And I don't want him to get a bottle to be supplemented. I've already found out that the hospital has a syringe feeder we can use to feed the baby in addition to nursing. I just need to find out what my options are as far as what we can put in the syringe My goal is no bottles whatsoever for the first month. Will did great going between bottle and breast, but I don't want to risk any confusion this time.
I called our nearest milk bank regarding becoming a donor breast milk recipient. And unfortunately, that's just cost prohibitive. The consultant at the milk bank said they'd ship milk, but the minimum number of ounces is 40 ounces. Way more than I'd need. And the cost is $4.50 per ounce. Holy cow! That's over $150 per quart.
Lets hope this baby doesn't have low blood sugar and need to be supplemented. I would really, really like to preserve his virgin gut. Here's hoping we'll be able to achieve this.

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