Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have a public potty boy now

Well, we had good luck at preschool on Tuesday. He used the potty every time they were taken, while wearing a pull up.
Yesterday, we went out for 3 hours. He said he promised not to have an accident in his underwear. And he didn't. We went to Cutie Tooties (the local cloth diapering and natural parenting store) and he used their bathroom (without my help at all) twice. Then we went to lunch. He used that bathroom, too.
So, we're driving home in the pouring rain and he announces in the car "mommy, hurry up and get home, my poop is coming!!" Oh please, please, please don't poop in your pants in the car. "Don't worry, mommy, my won't". And he didn't. He held it until we got home.
Same scenario last night - we went out to dinner with Grammy and Pop - we drove around for about 30 minutes before heading to Ruby Tuesdays. Half way there Will announces "mommy, my feel my pee pee coming, I need to potty". Please, please, please don't wet yourself in your carseat. We'll be there in 10 minutes. He held it and went as soon as we got to Rubys.
Today he went to school in his underwear, we'll see how he does. I'm hopeful that he'll be accident free, but I'll still be thrilled with 1-2 accidents.

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