Thursday, January 22, 2009

A pretty successful second day of potty training

Will woke up this morning running out of his room "Mommy, I need to peepee in my potty". Okay, don't have to tell me twice. LOL
Then it was off to school where I bragged to his teacher how well he'd been doing. And of course, in the 5 hours he was there, he sat on the potty and didn't go one time. And he managed to poop in his pull up.
Oh well, honestly, I figure we'll get using the potty at home mastered before we really expect too much at school.
We came home and changed back into underwear. He's been in underwear for 5 hours. He did poop in his underwear today - minor setback and he's a bit upset about it. But he managed to get to the potty for all of his peepee since we've been home.
Now it's time for bath and bed. Two days down and I'm feeling pretty good about this. :)

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