Thursday, January 8, 2009

Current Will-isms

I thought I'd add a few recent things Will's said that makes me laugh.
"My do it by all myself". He uses that one a lot and I always giggle.
He was helping me put some cans of soup on the kitchen counter and he dropped one and said "Oh man, that wasn't supposed to happen". I almost busted a gut laughing.
Last night I told him he could have ice cream before bed since he'd eaten a great dinner. Then Todd went into the attic to get something down and Will wanted to stand on the ladder and watch him in the attic (it's very fascinating for him, for some reason). So I told him he had time for one thing and he could choose - ice cream or going in the attic. He opted for the attic. Until Todd was finished and then he was ready for ice cream.
This began quite the debate has he swore up and down "My chose ice cream, my didn't go in the attic" (he's quite the liar these days). So, he ended up going to bed after having a quick banana upon his insistance that his tummy was growling and he was "so hungry".
This morning he woke up at 8:00 and came crawling into bed with me. I opened my eyes and he smiled at me. The first words he said to me this morning were "now can I have some ice cream??"
Kid doesn't forget a thing.
A few mornings ago Will crawled into bed with me for snuggles when he woke up. This is my favorite 5 minutes of the whole day. He cuddled up to me under the covers and wrapped his little arms around my neck. He said "My love you so much, mommy". He stole my heart again with that one.
Then after a few minutes of snuggling or "nuggling" as he calls it, Will pushed the covers down off of us. He pulled up my shirt to expose my large belly. He wrapped his arms around my middle and kissed my stomach. He said "My love you, baby brother". Okay, I think I died at that moment. He can be so sweet sometimes and it just blows me away.
It's a shame he's not going to be that sweet to his brother after he's arrived. :)

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Melissa said...

Aw, that's so sweet. You might be pleasantly surprised at how he is towards his little never know!