Friday, December 26, 2008

You know how some things just don't come together?

Well finally, several years later, they have.
About 6-7 years ago I started tearing pictures out of magazines and collecting them in a file box. In the box are my decorating ideas along with paint samples, fabric samples and tons and tons of pictures.
I must have about 30 pictures of master bathrooms that I like. Certain things about each one that caught my eye.

When it was time to move into our house, my box and I were ready. The vision of what I wanted started falling together. The kitchen, perfect. Our bedroom, fantastic. Even later, our nursery, heavenly.

But that master bathroom just eluded me. I had the pictures and I put together what I wanted. Todd and I argued about the proper shade of blue in thebathroom and compromised. Our bathroom turned out to be a really bad example of a compromise. His navy blue and my slate blue met in the middle in the form of "Blue Chaise" by Behr. The sample card sure was pretty. But oh boy, at the holy electric blue bathroom that came out of it.
From day 1, we both hated it. But it was such a pain to paint, that we lived with it. And lived with it. It'll be 4 years next month.
But, on Christmas Eve, I got a fantastic present. Paint. Two gallons of it. And as I type, Todd is finishing up the second coat of paint. A soft, goldish-tan color. The bathroom is completely changed. No more blue! Hooray and Amen!
And a budget bonus - I decided to repurpose everything from the guest bathroom that was recently redecorated for Will and his brother. I'm using the rugs, towels, framed print and accessories in our master bath. Today we only needed to pick up 2 new bath towels and 2 hand towels in chocolate brown. The sage green I'd had didn't quite mesh with the walls. But the chocolate looks fantastic.
The decorating is just the first step in a long/slow process.
Eventually, the tile around the tub is being ripped out, the awful/cheap mirror glued to the wall is coming down, along with the hideous light fixture and the ugly fiberglass shower w/ the crappy sliding door is being gutted. Those are all long-term goals, of course. Heck, we haven't even found a tile we want to use.

But in the meantime, I can soak in my tub in a bathroom that doesn't look like the neon sign in front of a Blockbuster Video. And that makes me happy.

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Melissa said...

You are too funny. It wasn't nearly as bad as a Blockbuster sign, really! I want to see pics of the new shade!