Thursday, December 4, 2008

T Minus 2 hours

Not that I'm counting or anything.

Todd told me yesterday that they may have to take off late out of RAF Mildenhall because of the 6-8 inches of predicted snow. I called the squadron this morning to confirm his landing time. Not only did they take off on time - they took off 15 minutes early.

That's my man. :) They're scheduled to arrive at 1:20.

I'm picking Will up from preschool an hour early and we'll head to the base. Apparently the Guard Unit is uptight about the way they do things and we can't go out to the ramp to meet the jet. WTF? So instead of going out to the plane, we'll wait at the squadron to meet the crew bus when it returns.

I was so hoping to take Will out to see Daddy get off his "big gray airplane", but no such luck. Apparently we're not allowed to be around while they clear customs. Heaven forbid he try and smuggle something into the country or something.


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