Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve

I'm sitting here, typing while watching my adorable 3 year old lay on the floor and play with "Banshee" which sounds a bit like "Bangie". His aunt and uncle gave it to him and he's completely enraptured with it. Including sleeping with it. Just to give you an idea of what my son is sleeping in bed with, here it is. Not exactly the sort of thing you'd think a kid would sleep with. But he loves it, for sure.

Anyway, so I'm enjoying my son playing in the family room while I type. How is that so? It's because I got to have my Christmas present a few days early. I'm typing on my new HP laptop. :) :) I'm so thrilled. I've wanted a laptop for years, but it was such a want item, not a need. We certainly didn't need it. But Todd came through and wowed me with a fantastic gift.

I think he's really going to like what he's getting, too. Thankfully he never reads the blog so I can say now what he's getting. :) We'll open presents tonight and he'll get the 3 gifts that are wrapped for him under the tree. He's getting PJ's, a new electric razor and a squeegie for the car (gets the water off after you've washed it). He'll be proud of me for getting good gifts for him, and for sticking to our budget. But tomorrow morning, he'll see that Santa has filled his stocking. And at the very bottom is going to be new Blackberry Curve. :) He's going to be thrilled. I love that he won't discover it until tomorrow morning.
It looks like we both scored blockbuster gifts this year. :)
I love seeing the magic of Christmas through my son's eyes. Watching Will get more and more excited about Santa coming makes me so happy. I cannot wait to take him to church tonight and to deliver cookies afterwards. And to open our PJs. We'll read Christmas stories tonight and put our cookies and milk for Santa.
Tomorrow morning is going to be wonderful. I cannot wait to see his face when he sees what Santa has brought for him. And when he opens all the wrapped presents from us under the tree. It's going to be great. Then we're off to Atlanta for the day (yes, long drive for 1 day) to celebrate Christmas with aunts and uncles and the rest of my family.

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