Sunday, March 8, 2009

This week's Will-ism

Will said a few things this week that cracked me up - let me see what I can remember.
The other night he and I were taking a bath together. Todd was flying and most evenings that Todd's at work and I'm on bath duty, I cheat and we get in the tub together. I don't do too well bending over the tub to bathe him.
So, Will looks at my huge belly sitting between us. And here's the conversation that follows:
Will: Mommy, my want baby brother Evan to come out of your tummy.
Me: He's going to, buddy. And really soon, too.
Will: I want him to come out so I can go back in your tummy.
Me: (gulp) Well, you're too big to go back in my tummy buddy. You'd never fit.
Will: My will become a baby again and get really small and fit back in your tummy.
Me: Okay, but I want to warn you - it's really, really dark in there. There's no light in my tummy at all. Evan is sitting in there in the dark, all by himself.
Will: (who hates the dark these days) It's dark in there?
Me: Yes, very dark. Evan can't see ANYthing in there at all.
Will: Mommy, are there bats in your tummy????
It's a good thing we were already in the bathtub, otherwise I would have peed in my pants.

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