Monday, March 2, 2009

Officially Full Term

This baby boy is officially fully baked. I turned 37 weeks yesterday, making him full term. So now, in (almost) the words of Mike Myers - baby, get outta my belly! LOL
I don't remember feeling like this with Will (although Todd says I did, I just don't remember), I am DONE being pregnant. D.O.N.E. I won't lie, I'm apprehensive about his arrival - physically getting him here, being in the hospital and the sleepless nights. But it's got to be better than his still being inside of me. Oh my goodness, I am just so FULL of baby. I have to tinkle every 10-15 minutes, I can hardly walk, I can't breathe and the swelling has set in. My ankles are swelling over my ankle socks and I had to wrestle my rings off this morning. I know the swelling is what caused my fingers to get fat because my wedding ring fit better 3 days ago than it has in 4-5 years. Every time I move, he kicks the living tar out of me. I'm starting to worry he's going to crack one of my ribs before he makes his great escape.
In spite of my complaining, I have always loved being pregnant - with both boys. It is such a miracle and a blessing. I am so fortunate that God has chosen me to be their mother. I know there are plenty of people who would give anything to be in my shoes. And for that, I am blessed. I consider every moment sacred and thank God for giving them to me and allowing me to carry two healthy babies to term.
But I now know in my heart of hearts that I have NO desire to ever be pregnant again. This little man is officially completing our family. It makes me happy to know who our family is and I know Todd's relieved to never have to figure out what to do with a daughter. LOL
So, stand by. The laptop is obviously coming to the hospital with us and announcements and information regarding Evan's upcoming labor and delivery will be posted. :)

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