Monday, March 2, 2009

This week's accomplishments

It occurred to me last week that Evan is arriving - soon! In fact, he'll be here 2 weeks from today - or less. Todd's standing firm that Evan won't arrive before our induction date. I'm tending to agree, but the nesting instinct is too strong for the logical part of my brain. So, the flurry of activity that occurred in this house last week was pretty amazing.
It started on Monday with a trip to Babies R Us and Target for last minute items. Socks, undershirts, nipples for bottles, baby wash and lotion, and a stroller blanket. A friend and I got together child free (minus the babies in our bellies) and made the necessary purchases to ensure I'm ready for Evan's arrival.
The nursery was mostly put together - we never took it apart after we moved Will. But I spent a lot of time in there last week. I washed everything - 2 loads of blankets, sheets, burp cloths, boppy covers, etc. Two loads of clothes and all of my newborn and small sized diapers and wipes. Five loads of baby laundry. Everything is now put away and carefully organized.
I dragged most of the rest of the "baby support equipment" down from the attic. The pack and plays are both set up - one next to my side of the bed and one in the office downstairs. I washed the covers for and assembled the baby gym and bouncy seat. I even installed the infant carrier in the car.
The diaper bag is packed and ready to go. Evan's hospital bag and coming home outfit are ready. Even my bathtime organizer is loaded and ready with wash, lotion, wash cloths, etc.
This week my only real project is to pack my bags and triple check everything is ready to go.


Melissa said...

Sounds like you are on top of it. Wow, I can't believe it is almost time for him to be here. It flew by...well, maybe not to you ; )

SMITHA said...

Whew... reading that makes me feel tired :)

Michaela said...

Just re-reading it makes me tired, Smitha. LOL

It hasn't flown by for us, that's for sure. I feel like an elephant - I've been gestating for like 15 months or something. :)