Sunday, March 8, 2009

The compulsion to nest is overwhelming

I spent hours and hours compulsively cleaning everything yesterday. I couldn't stop myself and just sit down to rest. And it did nothing to put me into labor - just beat the tar out of me. Here's what I accomplished yesterday:

Helped Todd bleed the brakes on his car
Sweep kitchen
Load, run, unload, reload dishwasher
Clean fronts of all kitchen appliances
Scrub down kitchen sink and all countertops, walls and cabinets
Cooked dinner
Cleaned powder room floor
Cleaned Will's potty chair
Scrubbed powder room toilet
Wiped down and polished sink in powder room
Cleaned mirrors and glass - inside and out
Vacuumed the whole house
Washed and put away 2 loads of clothes
Washed and changed sheets on our bed
Scrubbed toilet and both sinks, countertop and mirror in Will's bathroom
Scrubbed toilet, both sinks, countertop and mirror in our bathroom
Cleaned up entire play room and all the mess in Will's bedroom, too.
Straightened up guest room

As of yet to be accomplished today:

Re-sweep and mop kitchen floors - must restrain myself from getting the scrub brush out and getting on my knees to scrub it
Sweep and mop wood floors
Dust office, dining room, entertainment center and our bedroom furniture
Clean our bedroom mirror
Dust the hallway railing - esp. the part on the floor
Wash my car (really??? This is getting really compulsive if I actually wash my own car, too)

Wondering if I can restrain myself from sanding the drywall mud in the bathroom. Think Todd would care if I started priming and painting in there myself? Yeah, probably.

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