Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So much for that idea

I'm still pregnant. VERY pregnant.
I was up early on Tuesday morning (no surprise there). I got ready and woke Todd up about 15 minutes before we needed to leave. He got ready and we took our bags downstairs. My dad had gotten up to meet us and helped me load the car while Todd ate a quick bowl of cereal. We waved goodbye and made the trip in the early morning darkness to the hospital.
Todd dropped me off at the door and I rode the elevator up to the labor and delivery ward. I gave my name and info and she checked me off her list and took me to a room. We walked past the room I delivered Will in and I felt a stab of nostalgia as I saw it was occupied by someone else.
Todd found me a minute later and joined me in the room. I changed into my hospital gown and Todd snapped a few final "belly pictures". I sat on the bed and we waited. And waited.
I got up to pee and our nurse stopped in - she said she'd come back. My doctor stopped by at 8:00 and talked to us for a few minutes and then left again. We were still alone when he came back at 9:00. By this point, I was starting to wonder what the holdup was. We'd been there 2 hours. By this point last time my IV was dripping and my water had been broken.

And that was when my doctor informed me the last words I could even imagine "I hate to be the bearer or bad news. But we had a few nurses call in, we're just too short staffed.". Todd said "you're sending us home, aren't you??" And he repliled "yes".
Punch me in the gut and take the breath out of me. I wanted to cry.
The doctor said I could come back the next day (today) and they'd induce me. We ended up agreeing that we'd wait until Friday since that's when he's on call again. I've been with him for over 3 1/2 years and he delivered Will. I really, really want him to deliver Evan, as well. So, I'm throwing myself under the bus and holding out until Friday.
I thought the constant phone calls, texts, emails and facebook notifications BEFORE going to the hospital were bad. But oh my goodness - the number of calls, emails, text messages, voice mails, notifications, etc after giving the news that we WEREN'T having a baby was unbelievable. I had 4 people call me on my phone just between 9 and 10 am. I just wanted to be left alone. I switched it to "silent" and dropped it to the bottom of my purse, not to be touched again until today. Telling the story over and over and over was the last possible thing I wanted to do yesterday. I answered the phone for the first time today about 4 pm.
So for everyone that hasn't heard back from me, please don't take it personally. I've reached the "I'm done" point in this pregnancy and rehashing any of it is the last thing I'm interested in doing right now. I'm not calling people until I'm calling with the news of his birth, so please be patient.
On the upside, my doctor blessed me with a fresh prescription for Ambien. I took one and slept like a ROCK last night for about 9 1/2 hours. It was blessed relief. I'm looking forward to another good night's sleep tonight.
So, stay tuned as the saga continues. Hopefully Friday we'll actually see the fabulous labor and delivery of Evan Parker come to fruition.

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