Friday, March 20, 2009

Birthin' and bloggin'

Oh, how I love technology. :)

It's a few minutes before 10 am on Friday the 20th. Evan's birthday - it's official this time.

We arrived a few minutes after 7 and were taken to our room. Paperwork was filled out and my IV was hooked up. In regular fashion for me, the vein blew the first time and it took two tries to get the IV in. And as always for me, my blood pressure bottomed out and I almost blacked out immediately afterwards. The nurse said my pressure was 68/32. Then they informed me that I'm GBS positive, so they added a bag of antibiotics to my IV. And once again, I almost passed out.

Getting the trend, here? I love needles. LOL

My doctor came and checked me a few minutes before 9 am and pronounced I was 3-4cm, 80% effaced and Evan was +2 station. He told the nurses to go ahead and roll with the pitocin and we'd get this party started.
I've been on the pitocin for about an hour and having regular contractions. Still nothing too strong or painful, so we're just hanging out. I currently have a blood pressure cuff, 2 ID bracelets, 2 fetal monitors strapped to my belly (one for contractions and one to monitor Evan's heart rate) and an IV with saline, antibiotics and pitocin dripping.

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