Sunday, March 8, 2009

He's becoming so independent

Last night we ate dinner a bit late - it was 7:00 before Todd came in from working on his car and we all sat down to dinner together.

Will was obviously starved by then. In the length of time it took me to prepare Todd's plate and mine, Will consumed almost his entire dinner and was asking for more. So, I stopped and refilled his plate - more bbq chicken, corn, baked beans. I sliced a couple more strawberries for him and also microwaved some leftover green beans and threw them on his plate. He ate ALL of this food, too.

He's excused to go watch Diego while Todd and I finish eating. Afterwards, Todd took the car for a test drive to confirm that the brakes were finished and said that he'd be back when Diego went off and he and Will would take a shower together and he'd get him in bed for me.
Will knows he gets a snack after dinner if he eats really well. I'll usually let him have a popsicle or ice cream if he ate REALLY well. He actually asked for a banana (aka a bana) and he ate all of that, too.
Diego went off about 3 minutes before Todd returned home. In that length of time, Will announced "I'm ready to go to bed now" and headed upstairs. I helped him brush his teeth and he got into bed on his own. He was just about asleep when Todd got home at 8:02. Todd was so disappointed because he was looking forward to spending 15 minutes with Will before bed and he couldn't talk Will into getting out of bed and taking a shower.
My sweet boy is growing up. Eating great dinners (he's a good eater, anyway), choosing healthy snacks and putting himself to bed at 8:00.
I love that little boy.

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