Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scary morning

So this morning we're getting ready to go to church. And I'm struck with the thought that I haven't seen Bandit (our cat) in hours, in fact, almost 24. I begin tearing the house apart looking for him. I can't find him anywhere.

I keep thinking back to the last time I saw him. I'd let him out in the back yard (there's a 6 foot privacy fence and he's declawed) about noon on Saturday. And here it's 10:00 on Sunday morning and I can't find him. I can't remember letting him back in yesterday.

I start calling him in the yard. Nothing. I start calling him from the front door. Nothing. I get my shoes on and head out searching for him. I yell to Todd that I'm leaving.

I make it 1/2 way past my neighbor's house up the street and stop. I turn heel and start heading down the street instead. Calling him and whistling every 10 - 15 feet.

Finally, about 6 doors down, I hear him crying and he comes running out from behind someone's house.

Dear Lord in Heaven, I thought I was going to die on the spot. I scooped him up and waddled home as fast as I could carry his 17 lbs. I can't believe he spent the night outside with no food or water.

He immediately ran to the dog's bowl and started eating because he was so hungry. I carried him upstairs to his bowl where he ate and ate. Then he passed out cold on the guest bed and hasn't moved since.

Thank goodness he's okay. I won't be letting him go in the back yard again. Since he's somehow figured out how to heft himself over the fence.

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