Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medical updates

I had an appointment with my diabetes counselor on Monday and an appointment with the OB/GYN yesterday. So I figured I'd cover all those bases at once.

First the OB -

I was having a little spotting, so she went ahead and checked me - said all was well in there.
Blood pressure was good and I've lost 6 lbs.
Baby's heartbeat was in the 140-150s.
She said my Nuchal scan came back w/ a reduced risk of abnormalities.

We scheduled my big u/s 1 month from today. And I'll also get my blood drawn for the AFP.

Diabetes Counselor -

My A1C number was 6.2. The cut off for diagnosis is 6.0. She said that yes, she does have to diagnose me as type II diabetic. However, that's not a very large number and (Her words, not mine) I'm not a very large woman. She said consider this a wake up call, follow the diet, exercise every day. And she really believes after the baby is born I'll pretty much go into remission.

She started me on Metformin - 500 mg 1x per day, working my way up to 3x per day. She wants me on it permanently. UG.

She gave me insulin, but I'm not starting it yet. She just wanted to save me a trip down to her office - thank goodness. Once I'm adjusted to the Metformin, we'll add the insulin as needed. She gave me tons of samples since my copays were $100 per month last time.

Good news is that my long term prognosis sounds better than it originally did.
So that's comforting.

I started the Metformin last night. I didn't notice a difference in my fasting number this morning, but my post breakfast number was really good - esp. considering I had Cheerios for breakfast.

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