Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas crisis

I say this with a very sarcastic tone.

Gas crisis? Really? It's a hurricane people. It's a STORM. It's in TEXAS. This is over 1,000 miles away from here. Someone explain to me why nearly every gas station in my city is out of gasoline.

I went to 3 stations this morning before even finding gas. I only stopped at all because I was on "E" and wouldn't have gotten all my errands completed without a fillup.

I picked Will up from a friend's house this afternoon and on the way there, the corner gas station still had gas - for $4.09. I left about an hour later to see $4.49 on their sign. And the rest of the 5 mile drive down the main drag in town proved that NO one else had gas left.


Lemmings. Lemmings, I tell ya.

1 comment:

Kool Aid said...

An hour after that it was $4.59!

Love the lemmings comment :)