Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pregnancy update

Not good news

Thankfully, it's not the baby. The little one is happy as a clam in there, while making me miserable.
Must be a girl - they say girls like to torture their mommies before they're born.

I took a 1 hour glucose test last week. For those who don't know about these sorts of things - it's to test my blood sugar and to check for diabetes. I was diabetic and insulin dependent while pregnant with Will. Due to my family history, there's a high likely hood I'll develop diabetes eventually.

Apparently it's sooner rather than later.

I failed the 1 hour glucose test. So they wanted me to come in again this morning for a 3 hour fasting glucose test. This test is absolute misery - if the fasting doesn't make you feel wretched, then the 4 blood draws and the glucola will. When I drank the glucola for the 3 hour test with Will, I thought it would kill me. It made me so ill.

So I was very apprehensive today about taking this test - I hate getting blood drawn, esp. on an empty stomach. There's usually a high likelihood that I'll black out. And that glucola does a pretty good job of ensuring I'll feel like puking, too.

Fortunately, (ha ha), I didn't get to drink the glucola or perform the 3 hour test.

They did a finger prick to test me before doing anything else. My fasting # was a 119. For anyone who doesn't know about this - that is really high. They couldn't even administer the test because my blood sugar was already too high.

So, Jo, the diabetes specialist will be contacting me later today to set up my 1st appointment with her. I can expect to begin taking insulin again probably within the week.

And the best news of all is that is looks like this isn't gestational. It's really likely that I've just been given the sentence of Type II diabetes.

By a strange coincidence, it seems my friend Staci is in the exact same boat as me. She's 3 weeks ahead of me in her 2nd pregnancy and is already seeing Jo for what appears to be her Type II diabetes. At least we're in this together.

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