Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today and tomorrow

I've been looking forward to today and tomorrow for a LONG time. Tonight my friends are coming over for cards. It's my turn to host and since Todd's still out of town and I have no babysitter, we're having cards at the house. Last month was on the boat, but this time we're laying low at home.

I'm anxious for some adult interaction, so I can't wait. And I can't lie, I've turned into a hermit lately, so the idea of having them come to me is about perfect these days. I just have to finish straightening up the house and pick up dinner fixings at the store and I'll be good to go.

And tomorrow is the day. Praise God! I'm meeting Todd in the driveway with arms open. Not for a hug, but so I can pass his son back to him. HA!

I think Thursday I'm going to suggest a day on the boat. That way Will and daddy can play and I can lay like broccoli in the sun and close my eyes and not have to be the responsible one for just a few minutes. Ah, that sounds like Heaven.

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