Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Reunion

Thank goodness, Todd finally made it home all in one piece yesterday.

Will and I were outside playing water balloons in the driveway. I had the video camera ready to go and Todd called a 1/2 mile away so I could start recording. Due to my technological error, Todd had to sit at the top of the street while I got the video camera going.

I started taping Will and Todd pulled in the driveway. I said "Will, there's a car, whose car is that?" He was totally speechless. He ran to Todd's car and Todd opened the door and Will just climbed up onto him and wouldn't let go. Of course, I started crying. LOL

I'll upload the video and add it here a little later.

He didn't let Todd out of his sight for the rest of the day. Any time we did anything, it was "no, daddy do it". He'd just stop and hug Todd and say "my daddy came back home to me". It was so sweet.

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