Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kiddie pool - vacation pictures

You guys got a quick preview of vacation pictures. Here's the first blog of actual info and pictures. I have a TON of pics, so this will probably take several posts worth.

Here's Will at the kiddie pool - splash area. He had a BLAST! The water was only about a foot deep in the deepest spot, so we just sat and let him have at it. Which was kind of difficult with the 40 over protective parents standing in the water in the way of all the kids.

They had a pirate ship water slide and Will loved going down it.

There were animals that sprayed water. Yes, that's my child trying to use it like a water fountain. Have I said lately that he's crazy?

I dunno, I guess he's used to a much bigger boat - esp. something with a bigger engine.

Laying in the water

He finally got around to "touching a ray".

Will loves his beach ball, but I'm not so sure his beach ball loves him.

My gorgeous husband supervising in the water for just a moment before sitting back down.

And in case you didn't know, you will now - because I'm obviously showing - ha ha

Will had a great time in the kiddie pool, but I have to say he loved the big pool more. We spent most of our pool time there. Look for more pictures of that pool in a later post. :)

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