Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh how he breaks my heart

My child is trying to stab me, straight through the heart.

Yesterday we drop Dixie off at the vet's office. She's needed her shots updated before she can be kenneled while we're on vacation. And taking a wild 2 1/2 year old and a still crazy lab to the vet's office makes for a hectic trip. So the clinic let us drop Dixie off and we picked her up several hours later after her nails had been clipped and her shots had been administered.

So, we drop Dixie off and they take her into the back. Will and I go back out to the car to leave. Um, uh uh! Not without his doggie. Will was very distraught. He was very worried about leaving Dixie. I explained that we'd pick her up after lunch.

Then he gets quiet in the back seat. Then he sighs and he says "Now Dixie is gone, too." Just kill me, right? So I tell him he's breaking my heart. And he says "My heart is sad right now." I offer to stop at Kroger and get a cookie from the bakery. He tells me "I don't want a cookie, I want Dixie. I miss her already."


Talk about abandonment. He already thinks his daddy has quit him and now the dog has, too.

If you could have seen the elation on his face when we picked the dog up after lunch. He was so relieved.

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