Monday, August 4, 2008

Maybe less than a week?

Todd's days in Oklahoma are winding down - and it couldn't come any sooner. Will couldn't be more ready for his daddy to come home. And boy, me too. Between the middle of the night wakings, crying for daddy and the attitude and the no longer eating, it can't come soon enough.

He has 4 of his last 5 sims this week. He's going to make some phone calls today to see if he can arrange to come home on Saturday (instead of next Thursday) if he can squeeze in the 5th sim this week. He just has to make sure if he comes home, he doesn't miss out on that week's pay. So, if he can come into the base to work, then he'll come home a few days early.

I know that partly makes him sad - one of his (our) closest friends arrived in OK on Saturday. Charley lives in Alaska and Todd doesn't get to see him often anymore. (And I haven't seen him since his wedding - so 4 years??) I don't think Todd's liver could handle more than 1 week partying with Charley. They already had a good time staying up until 5 am and remembering old times. I hadn't thought about snatch cakes or Charley passed out on our couch in a long time. Good times, good times.

At least at the worst case scenario, Todd will be home in 10 days. And boy, I am counting them.

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