Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I hate cicada killers

We've been trapped out of the back yard for about 2 weeks. Two weeks - in the middle of summer no less. We seem to have a burrow of cicada killer wasps living under the burning bush next to our deck. Walking onto the deck leads to being dive bombed almost instantly.

If I were slightly less afraid of them, I'd go out there with a baseball bat and start swinging. The devils are big enough that they'd be an easy target.

My planters on the deck - dead. How the heck am I supposed to water them when I have these 2-3 inch long bees crashing into my face. Oh heck no. And my garden - nope can't get out there either. Not that there's anything to pick, the stupid dog is making sure to eat every tomato the second they turn even slightly orange. Let alone red. Damn dog.

The only thing left green in the back yard is the grass - because it hasn't been mowed in about 3 weeks. It's plenty long now.

11 years as an Air Force wife and I've learned to handle most anything. But I have to tell you, I can't wait for the man of the house to come back home and save us from these bees and rescue my back yard.

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