Monday, August 25, 2008

So begins the big boy room

Yes, I know I'm skipping talking about vacation, but that will take a while. I'll come back to it in the next day or two.

As you all saw from a previous post, I rearranged a few bedrooms upstairs about 6 weeks ago. Our former guest room was a junk/craft room for about a month, but the transition has officially begun. Today we bought a twin mattress and box springs. I've had his bedding since about February.

We went to Home Depot and Will helped pick out blue and red paints. Todd is currently upstairs priming over the brown. After Will's in bed tonight the red and blue colors are going up on the walls.

I think Wednesday night will be Will's first night in the new room. He did FANTASTIC on vacation sleeping in a big boy bed. We actually took down the crib a few days after we got there. He did really well and slept all night, every night w/o issue.

We're waiting another month or two before finishing his room - we need to order his furniture, etc.

But we are definitely on the way there - officially a big boy.

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