Monday, August 4, 2008

He's getting ahead of me

I've been putting off potty training Will until after we return from our vacation. We leave for the beach in 12 more days. The idea of having to go back and forth to the condo every 45 minutes so he can go pee pee sounds like a ruined vacation to me. So I decided to wait until after we get back.

We're passively potty training now. Or maybe it's part time potty training? Pre-potty training? We sit and go pee on the potty probably 5x per day, but he's still wearing his diapers full time.

Well, he doesn't seem to want to wait until we get back from the beach. LOL I've caught him in the bathroom several times in the last few days. He's got his shorts off, his diaper off, his Dora potty seat on the toilet and has used his Lightening McQueen step stool to climb up on the toilet. I walk in to find him 1/2 naked, sitting on the toilet and going by himself. LOL

I think mostly it's the excitement of climbing down, flushing, then dragging the step stool to the sink where he gets to wash his hands.

No #2's in the potty yet, but maybe that's not too far off. I'm guessing the potty seat and step stool are making the trip to the beach with us.

I am planning on continuing to do what we're doing until October. Todd and I are leaving for 5 days for a wedding the 1st weekend in October and Will is staying here with his grandparents. I don't want to leave anyone in potty training limbo w/ me gone for that long.

So mark your calendars - we'll be making the transition to underwear about the 7th of October. Will already has several pairs - we have Diego and Lightening McQueen. As much as I despise any kind of children's stuff with characters on it - if it'll help him use the toilet - I'm all over it. Besides, who is going to see his Diego underwear besides us? No one will have to know. LOL

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