Sunday, October 12, 2008

There's no denying he's mine

Last night I convinced Todd to go out to Red Lobster last night for dinner. As far as seafood restaurants go, it's nothing too fancy or special, but I just love crab legs. Todd relented (I think he feels sorry for me) and away we went.

So we tell Will we're going to Red Lobster for dinner to eat crab legs. He is THRILLED. He tried crab on vacation in Florida back in August and loved it. So we decided when we ordered that we wouldn't get him a kid's dinner, but just feed him off our plates.

I couldn't crack shells fast enough to feed this kid. I ordered 1 lb of legs and he was going through them like Sherman through Georgia. I ended up having to order an additional 1/2 lb to ensure that I at least got to eat. HA HA

That's my crab leg loving little boy. :)

And the best part happened when we left. One of the employees pulled a lobster out of the tank for Will to touch. And he ACTUALLY TOUCHED IT this time. HA HA He even got to hand the lobster a crayon and it took it from him. I think Will thought that was the coolest thing ever.

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