Sunday, October 26, 2008

Executive Decision

Alternate title: My husband just might kill me

So, we've been going around in circles for months about what to do about Will's bedroom furniture. First there was the Pottery Barn furniture. But they didn't have a bookcase with their collection. Then Todd liked a different bed from the collection than I did. Not to mention it was REALLY expensive. So, we moved on.

Next came the Land of Nod furniture. I totally fell in love with it - way more than the Pottery Barn stuff. But, once again, it was really expensive. Their shipping, delivery and handling was outrageous.

Then I remembered a set from Costco that looked like the Pottery Barn Kids stuff. So I looked for that - nope discontinued.

I scoured local furniture stores. Garbage. Seriously, garbage. Nothing that I would want in my house. And I'm not THAT much of a snob.

Todd and I talked some more. We compared the Pottery Barn Stuff to the Land of Nod stuff and decreed that we'd order the Pottery Barn Kids furniture. But once again, we were thwarted. Todd had miscalculated the total price (missed the nightstand) and once we added in delivery, shipping and tax - it was horrific. Not to mention way more than we wanted to spend. - about $2900 total. Yes, I know. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, too.

So, the search continued. Back to the local furniture stores. We stopped somewhere different on Saturday. And miracle upon miracle - I found something I liked. No, LOVED. It was so similar to the Land of Nod - but I liked it better. I told the salesman which pieces I wanted (twin panel bed, bookcase, 1 drawer nightstand, 6 drawer dresser) and off he went to get prices. It's made my Lea, which is built by Lay-Z-Boy. So, decent stuff.

And he returned with the news that the furniture was discontinued. Seriously? Shoot me now.

So, off we go to another furniture store that the last salesman recommended - they MIGHT carry the same stuff. Nope, no dice. The salesman was a huge help, but they had NOTHING I liked.

Back to the drawing board.

Behold - the power of the internet. I googled the furniture collection I wanted - and I FOUND IT!! From someone who will deliver it within 1-4 weeks. And their tax, shipping, delivery, handling, etc is all INCLUDED in the price. YES, no extra raping by the store!

So, I priced it all up and put it in my online shopping cart. Then I decided I preferred the bookcase from Land of Nod that would TOTALLY coordinate with this set. So I removed the bookcase from my shopping cart.

And I clicked "complete order". Dang it for being Sunday. My credit card and check card won't allow me to make a purchase that large without authorization. And both companies were closed. So, my cart waits. Tomorrow - the furniture will be MINE!!

I did go and order the bookcase from Land of Nod in the meantime. HA HA HA *insert evil laughter here again*

So, in the meantime, here are some stock pictures of the items that are on order or are about to be. Todd is going to just have to accept that I made the final call on this without him. He'll either be relieved or he'll kill me when he gets home. We'll see. :)

Bed and nightstand

Dresser - I am not getting the mirror.

Bookcase (just 1 of those)

And yes, I realize that was the longest post ever - just to talk about children's furniture. HA HA

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Nice! I really like that set!