Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 1

Today is day one. Daddy left home about 3:30 this morning for his trip overseas.

He'll be gone for about 6 weeks. After his trip to Oklahoma this summer, I'm pretty anxious about how Will is going to react this time. Last time he was distraught - not eating, not sleeping, acting out, crying and begging for daddy to come home. Hopefully he's better prepared this time. We've talked about it at length with him.

This morning he slept in - thank goodness - until 8:15. When he got up he came into our room and climbed into bed with me. He asked where Daddy was and I told him he'd left on his very long trip. Will didn't really respond - he tends to ignore things he doesn't want to talk about. Then he asked where Daddy's toy was and if he could have it while Daddy was gone. I felt so guilty I let him have it.

Last night while cleaning out some things in the spare room, Todd showed Will a Darth Vader piggy bank. Will was completely taken with it. Now it's out of the box and Will wants to have it. Oh man, just shoot me now. No more battery operated things in this house.

Anyway, so he's got Daddy's toy to keep him company while Daddy is gone. So far, so good.

Grammy and Pop (my parents) are coming to visit on Halloween and are staying a few days. That's going to be a good distraction for Will while Todd is gone. Then we'll head to Atlanta for a little while over Thanksgiving - which will include a baby shower for our new little man. We're going to try and stay extra busy and do lots of fun things to keep his mind off of Todd being gone.

Wish me luck!

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