Monday, April 28, 2008

A day out with Thomas - 2008 Tour

Will was over the moon about going to see Thomas the Tank Engine. He spent weeks telling everyone he knows that "Will ride Ta (Thomas) train on him track". Yesterday was the day and he was so happy to finally get to meet Thomas and go for a train ride.

We drove down to Chattanooga on Sunday morning and met up with Grammy, Pop and Kaity. It was raining, but not too bad. It stopped not long after we got there.

We were given a map with 4 destinations to go to and get stamps for the map. Once all 4 destinations were found, Will got a Thomas prize for finding them. It turned out to be a magnet picture frame for the fridge.

Our first stop was the Imagination Station where Will and Katie got to play with Thomas trains.

After the Imagination Station, we waited in line to meet Sir Topem Hat. While on our way over there, Will caught his first glimpse of Thomas. He was speechless.

Will wasn't going up to Sir Topem Hat alone and convinced Pop to go with him. He keeps telling us that he gave him 5, but Will had refused to do it at the time.

After our visit w/ Sir Topem Hat, we went to the petting zoo. Where, as expected, Will refused to pet any animals. LOL

We made a quick swing by the Storytime area to get our 3rd stamp and then it was time to go get in line to ride Thomas. Before we got in line, a locomotive came though. It was so loud and Will loved it.

Will and Kaity posed in front of the Day out with Thomas banner.

Then it was time to go down and see Thomas and get ready for our ride.

Loading up in our car.

On our train ride - Will was SO excited. Kaity, not so much. LOL Poor thing, she was a good sport about it, though.

Will couldn't even sit still in his seat.

Kaity asks Pop when our ride is going to start and then shows off her missing tooth.

I managed to sneak a good picture of Grammy when she wasn't looking.

We had a ton of fun riding on Thomas.

Our whole group on the train.

One quiet second where he decided he wanted snuggles.

Seriously, is this not the most beautiful child that ever lived???

After we were finished with our Day Out With Thomas, we went to eat Greek food with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Melissa at their favorite restaurant. Will had a great time entertaining everyone at the table.

When it was time to go home, Will promptly bit a hole in his balloon. LOL

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