Saturday, April 12, 2008

Construction of a wooden play set - Day 4

Otherwise known as the night of working between the rain clouds. Todd would run outside and work for 20 minutes and when the rain would start up again he'd dart back to the garage and wait until it stopped again. It takes a dedicated daddy to be outside in the rain building a play set for his son.

First the floorboards for the playhouse were screwed into place.

And then Todd assembled the frame for the playhouse in the garage while it rained. When the rain stopped, we ran outside with the frame and got it up on top of the structure.

Once that was complete I took Will inside and got him ready for bed. And just a few minutes later the Heavens opened up and Todd came running in the house to escape the sheets of rain. But the instant it stopped raining again, Todd was right back out there putting up the walls to the playhouse.

Pausing for a photo op when he was finished for the night. You can't see our house in the background because it was so dark, but you can see it's shape.

And now it's Saturday morning. Todd will have the whole day to work on the play set. I can't wait to see what gets accomplished today. Next on the list is finishing the clubhouse and then the railings up top go up and then the floor on the bottom and railings on the bottom are next. Then the roof will go on the clubhouse. Please check back for progress.

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Ashley said...

What a great daddy!!