Thursday, April 10, 2008

Construction of a wooden playset - Day 3

I was playing Hand and Foot with my friends on Day 2, so pictures didn't happen. Todd was able to complete the framework of the main structure, install the braces and screw down the flooring for the deck and covered porch.

And that brings us to Day 3. Otherwise known as the day of cursing and violence.

Things started off well enough. Todd finished screwing down the boards for the porch and deck floor. Will loved it.

I think his words were "If you post this picture on the internet, I'll kick your ass". Whoops. Sorry, honey.

Will got to stand "Up on top" for the first time. He was super excited.

Surprisingly, the violence came before the cussing. When we were moving the structure to decide exactly where to place it, I was moving forward and Todd was moving backwards. He stopped without warning. I walked right into the side of the structure. Busted my mouth open. I was pissed off. But it's not too bad. I bled a bit. Now it just looks like I have a cold sore.

While Todd began to shovel up dirt and sod to level the main structure, I managed to snap a picture of a C-5 flying overhead.

I decided I wanted to try and snap a few pictures with the telephoto lens, so I went and grabbed it. FRED came back again for another photo opportunity.

Man, I love that telephoto lens. So, then I snapped a few more cute pictures of Will and a close up of the blooms on my redbud tree.

After I took Will in for bed the cussing began - in earnest. Todd had to move a fair amount of sod and dirt to get the structure level. And he just couldn't get the thing level. He wasn't going to stop until it was perfect (he's an engineer, so it's in his blood). And then he anchored it. At one point I heard him through the bedroom window yell something about "monkey shit" so I decided to stay inside after I put Will to bed.

About 9:15 progression on construction began again. He's added the framework for the floor for the clubhouse - which is the top of the 4 green poles sticking up from the rest of the floor. He also built the ladder. He'll start the floor and the club house next.

We did decide to do one modification. Instead of having the slide come out the right side (like in the picture on we decided to switch the ladder and the slide. Our slide will now come out the front. That'll fit better in the backyard.

I went out this morning and snapped a few pictures of last night's completed work.

From the deck

Level and ready for more work

As you can see, Todd moved a fair amount of earth to get that sucker level. But it's level and anchored in, now.

The beginning of the clubhouse structure on top of the deck/porch floor area

The ladder sitting on top until he's ready for it

Today is Thursday and Todd is working tonight, so now work is happening. Please check back for Day 4 and 5 happening this Fri/Saturday.

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LJ said...

Those playsets are a real PITA to assemble...we don't have one yet, but the neighbors got one last year and it took forever to put together. They are awesome though!
Will is going to love it!